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Winner of Toulouse on the smallest of margins – its great specialty this season – AC Ajaccio has validated its direct rise in Ligue 1. Despite its success against Amiens, Auxerre will have to play in the play-offs, like Paris FC and Sochaux, which will cross swords at Charléty. At the bottom of the table, the miracle did not happen for Quevilly-Rouen, who will play his skin in the play-offs as well.

This was the main challenge of this last day of Ligue 2: who from Ajaccio or Auxerre will accompany Toulouse in Ligue 1 next season? Answer: the Corsicans. Opposed to Toulouse crowned champions last week and deprived of several players, Olivier Pantaloni’s players did the job to leave Auxerre no hope. It was Nouri who turned into a hero for his family by transforming a penalty stupidly conceded by Logan Costa in front of Courtet. The Violets push from the start to try to pick up, but Ajaccio is not the best defense in the championship for nothing. Corsicans who regained the hair of the beast over the minutes, and Maxime Dupé had to be vigilant on several occasions. Author of a good entry, Barreto leaves the ball 2-0 on the way, but who cares, since the score does not move any more. Eight years later, François Coty can celebrate the return to the fore of his club by invading the field to celebrate his heroes.

Meanwhile, in Auxerre, the Burgundians win against Amiens. After a one-two with Charbonnier, Gauthier Hein finished close. The blue-haired man then offers a goal ball to his scorerwhich sees Opoku deflect on the post with a saving tackle. After a second post, Charbonnier doubled the bet on a bad opponent’s revival in a stadium of Abbé-Deschamps who intoned “Go Toulouse! » . With a superb half-volley turning around, Sangaré sends a slight shiver, but without consequence: Auxerre wins, but has to settle for third place. It is through the play-offs that Jean-Marc Furlan will have to seek a possible fifth promotion to the top flight.

Paris FC keeps the advantage of the field, QRM will have to save itself in dams

At the top of the table as at the bottom, we now know the posters of the dams. As for the fight for the rise in Ligue 1, Paris FC brought down Grenoble to stay ahead of Sochaux. The Ile-de-France residents however struggled in the first period, in particular despite a header from Boutaïb on the bar. But it was finally Bernaeuer who delivered Charléty with a header at the far post, after a cross from Hanin. A huge miss from Gory later, it was the excellent Julien Lopez who doubled the bet to secure fourth place for the PFC, while Hanin failed him on the bar. Thierry Laurey’s men therefore have an appointment on Tuesday on their lawn with Sochaux, winner of Dijon, in vain. Weissbeck had however perfectly launched the evening of a Bonal on fire with a small dive on an excellent service from Mauricio, before offering himself a big goal following a header on the post. The skylight won by Le Bihan however revives the suspense… and it is finally Philippoteaux who offers the draw to the Dijonnais.

Below, no miracle for Quevilly-Rouen, who needed an unlikely scenario to avoid the roadblocks. Rodez left the Normans little hope by taking the match by the right end against Caen. After a first period to push, the RAF finally made the difference thanks to Celestine, scorer of the head on corner, before the second goal signed Kerouedan. At the same time, QRM pulled out to dominate a Dunkirk squad already guaranteed to play in National 1 next season. Brahimi even opened the scoring for the visitors, before Nazon equalized. Sabaly then Jozefzoon allow theirs to win, in vain. Quevilly-Rouen will have to take the best of Villefranche-Beaujolais to save his skin.

Nancy and Pau put on a show, Valenciennes, Guingamp and Bastia celebrate

Finally who says last day says matches without stakes. Marcel-Picot’s last in Ligue 2 will have offered its share of spectacle, Nancy and Pau responding to each other tit for tat in an unbridled start to the match. A superb strike from El Aynaoui, a defense that leaves Essende to equalize quickly, before Cissé restores the advantage to his team. Pau finally reverses the table thanks to Gomis on a bad outing from Valette then Batisse. Further west, Valenciennes went to win at Niort. Bonnet had responded to Bentil’s opener with a nice gesture from close range, before Kalai offered the victory to the Northerners at the start of the last quarter of an hour.

Still West, Guingamp overthrew Le Havre. After a first free kick from M’Changama diverted on his post by Gorgelin, the unfortunate Roux opened the scoring against his camp for the Hacmen. But the Comorian international does not admit defeat and brings the Bretons back with a new sublime free kick. L’En Avant then sees Merghem collide with the post, before sealing the success of his team with a nice shot. Finally, in the last game of the evening, Bastia won at Les Costières against Nîmes. It was not until the start of the second half to see Le Cardinal swing a helmet kick from a corner, before a new goal for Santelli.

Auxerre 2-1 Amiens

But: Huh (33and)

Ajaccio 1-0 Toulouse

But: Nouri (28andSP)

Nancy 2-3 Pau

Goals: El Ainaoui (4and) and Cisse (11and) for Nancy // Essende (10and), Gomis (28and) and building (36and) for Pau

Niort 1-2 Valenciennes

But: Bentil (28and) for Niort // Bonnet (37and) and Kalai (74and) for AV

Quevilly-Rouen 3-1 Dunkirk

Goals: Nazon (28and), Sabali (69.)and) and Jozefzoon (75and) for QRM // Brahimi (15and) for Dunkirk

Guingamp 2-1 Le Havre

Goals: M’Changama (38andand Mergem (76and) for the EAG // Roux (32andCCS) for the HAC

Sochaux 2-2 Dijon

Goals: Weissbeck (2and and 51and) for Sochaux // Le Bihan (58and) and Philippoteaux (78and) for Dijon

Paris FC 2-0 Grenoble

Goals: Bernauer (52)and) and Lopez (56and)

Rodez 2-0 Caen

But: Celestine (52andand Kerouedan (90and)

Nimes 0-2 Bastia

Goals: The Cardinal (48and) and Santelli (65and)

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