All 9 Celebrity Contestants, Ranked By Instagram Followers

Beyond the Edge throws celebs from TV, Music, and Sports into the unforgiving jungle of Panama. Which star has the biggest Instagram following?

Beyond the Edge is a new survival and challenge-based competition show where celebrities from music, sports, and reality television take on the jungles of Panama to win money for their chosen charities. Unlike other survival shows, there are no elimination or judges. Instead, contestants have to send themselves home if they don’t think they can continue. The first four episodes are now streaming on

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Each star brings their advantages to the challenges, from kayaking to motivating others. Some stars are social media savvy, while others are just getting their start. Some contestants have massive fan bases backing them on Instagram and fans may be interested to know who has the most followers.

9 Mike Singletary (516 Followers)

Mike Singletary is the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and a Hall of Fame player in the NFL. Singletary has taken his motivational coaching style to the jungle and uses it to get his team through the various challenges presented to them. Even when Singletary is struggling, he encourages others to keep going and not give up on the task.

Singleton is new to the social media game and only started his Instagram three weeks ago. So far, his posts and stories focus on Beyond the Edge and his life with his wife Kim as well as his motivational speaking engagements.

8 Craig Morgan (126K Followers)

Craig Morgan entered the show with a bit of an advantage, given that before his days as a chart-topping country music star, he served in the United States Army. His training gave him a physical edge, especially the obstacle courses. Morgan has shown himself to be a natural leader and planner for his teams.

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Much of Morgan’s Instagram includes shots from his live shows and promotions for upcoming performances. He often shares his love of hunting on his page and his devotion to Christianity.

7 Metta Sandiford-Artest (186K Followers)

Metta Sandiford-Artest (formerly known as Metta World Peace) entered the competition but didn’t stay long. He was the first contestant to send themselves home after the jungle proved to be a more significant challenge than he thought. Sandiford-Artest expressed he wanted to be home with his family more than he wanted to brave the wilderness.

His homebody personality is reflected on his Instagram page. Most of his posts revolve around spending time with his wife, playing basketball, and clips of his recent public appearances.

6 Eboni K.Williams (247K Followers)

Eboni K. Williams famously fought with Luann on Tea Real Housewives of New Yorkhas RHONY storyline that was never resolved, but in the jungle, she is fighting for her charity. Williams expressed on her Instagram that the competition changed the way she saw herself and others would too.

Away from the glitz and glamor of her life in New York City, Williams proved to be a strong competitor in the physical challenges. Williams doesn’t always use her Instagram, but she shows off her sophisticated and fun fashion sense and promotes her latest projects when she does.

5 Paulina Porizkova (741K Followers)

Paulina Porizkova is a former supermodel and current writer. She is most known for her iconic magazine shoots and walking the catwalks worldwide. But this supermodel proves she is more than a pretty face and not afraid to get down and dirty in the challenges.

Porizkova has shown that she shouldn’t be counted out because of her age or profession. She was an asset to the competitors when she was the only one able to repair their mosquito nets. Porizkova uses her Instagram to advocate for showing your age despite societal beauty standards.

4 Ray Lewis (952K Followers)

Ray Lewis has moved on from the gridiron challenges and is bringing his drive and determination to the jungle. Even with no gym equipment, Lewis found ways to get in a good workout for himself and his teammates. He even created barbells and dumbells out of natural materials in the jungle, genuinely taking on the no excuses attitude.

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Since leaving the NFL, Lewis has dedicated himself to motivational speaking engagements, and his Instagram reflects that with most of his posts promoting his speaking engagements.

3 Lauren Alania (1 Million Followers)

Lauren Alania is an early front-runner in the competition. Instead of starring in films like other american idol alums, Alania stepped away from music to take to the jungles of Panama. Alania is an early front-runner in the competition and can’t seem to be on a losing team. She has become the team member everyone wants due to her mastery of puzzle-based challenges and positive energy.

Alania shares a lot of her life on her Instagram. She shares anything from snaps on stage performing to the hilarious puns that she has become known for with her friends and fans.

2 Colton Underwood (2 Million Followers)

Colton Underwood is no stranger to reality television competitions. After having one of the best season casts on The Bachelor, Underwood stayed in the public eye and is back for another competition. The experience proved to be a lot more dangerous than the contestants expected. Underwood found this out the hard way when a snake bit him. Underwood jumped back into the competition despite his scary encounter, more motivated than ever.

Underwood has amassed many followers with whom he shares pieces of his life on his page. Many of his posts include him hanging out by the pool and his beloved dog and updates on what he is doing day-to-day.

1 Jodie Sweetin (2.4 Million Followers)

Best known as the funny middle sister on Fuller House, Stephanie Tanner, Jodie Sweetin is lending her determined attitude to the jungle. After overcoming her personal struggles, Sweetin is motivated to overcome the challenges of Beyond the Edge. Even when she was injured, Sweetin would not pull herself out of the competition, proving she was in it to win it. Sweetin has also proven herself to be a master strategist for her team.

Her Instagram reflects her sunny and bubbly personality. She often shares bits of her podcast and snaps from her various acting roles behind the scenes.

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