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Nearly two weeks after a leaked draft opinion suggesting the U.S. Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade, hundreds of people gathered in Omaha on Saturday to denounce the advance ruling and reaffirm their commitment to protecting the right to abortion.

The protest outside the City-County Building was just one of many across the country, with local organizers calling the day Roe v. Wade Day of Action. Holding up signs with messages such as ‘Keep abortion safe and legal’ and ‘No womb, no opinion’, attendees gathered and heard speakers who vowed to keep fighting no matter what. ‘he is coming.

Saturday’s rally was at least the second to happen in Omaha since news outlet Politico broke the story of the draft advisory on May 2.

Support for personal choice was one of the common themes expressed by participants.

“Women can make their own choices,” said Suzanne Ritchie, 59. “We shouldn’t let the court decide.”

Hundreds of people rallied in support of abortion rights in downtown Omaha on Saturday afternoon. A draft Supreme Court opinion leaked this month sparked protests across the country.

Dan Crisler

Becky Havlat, 72, has supported abortion rights for decades and has shared her views with her daughters, Robin Winchester and Heather Graves, and granddaughter, Alesha Graves. Havlat’s dedication was perhaps best captured by the sign she was holding: “My arms are tired of holding this sign since the 1960s.”

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Havlat sees the issue of abortion as a personal choice between individuals.

“I really think people should let (others) do their own thing,” she said.

Alesha Graves agreed with her grandmother.

“Human rights are really important to me,” the 28-year-old said. “What the Supreme Court is considering doing is not fair. I’m just trying to fight for my rights here.

Rally for the right to abortion

Becky Havlat, seated, and her granddaughter Alesha Graves, right, were among those present at the rally. “I really think people should let (others) do their own thing,” Havlat said.

Dan Crisler

Attendees found a like-minded person in State Senator Jen Day. One of many speakers at the event, Day opposed Legislative Bill 933 — a trigger bill that would have banned all abortions in Nebraska if the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade – last month. The bill did not gain the necessary support to move forward.

Day has vowed to continue fighting for women to maintain access to abortion even if the Supreme Court overturns the landmark 1973 ruling and the Nebraska legislature subsequently considers bills to restrict access .

“This is the hill I will die on as a senator,” she said.

Speaker of the Legislature Mike Hilgers said he would work with Gov. Pete Ricketts, who backed the failure of the trigger bill, to schedule a special session on abortion if the Supreme Court ultimately overturns Roe.

Roe’s disappearance would send the issue of abortion back to individual states. In a May 3 press release, Sandy Danek, executive director of Nebraska Right to Life, said it should be up to the states to establish abortion regulations.

“Elections are important,” Danek said. “That’s why we work so hard to elect pro-life leaders. Returning this decision to the states allows the people to decide, where it should always have been.

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