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Burak Yilmaz did not make the right choices.

On the 34th day of Ligue 1, Lille snatched the victory against Strasbourg (1-0) this Sunday. By ending Racing’s unbeaten streak of 11 games, LOSC still have a small hope of European qualification.

After the victories of Monaco, Rennes and Nice during this 34th day of Ligue 1, Strasbourg, which secretly dreams of a podium, had to respond to its competitors.

But this Sunday at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Julien Stphan’s team lost to Lille (1-0) in the last minutes of the game, when their start was rather encouraging.

Another fan strike

Deprived of the encouragement of its supporters on strike, LOSC tried to make a big start with a lot of desire. Very quickly, Yilmaz, from a tight angle, forced the goalkeeper Sels to remain attentive. But the Strasbourgeois gradually took control of the ball.

Their game was more fluid and resulted in two clear chances from Thomasson and especially Ajorque, whose header had come out… from a header by goalkeeper Jardim! Dominated and often whistled, the Mastiffs could still have returned to the locker room with an advantage if Renato Sanches had framed his attempt after a good cross from Yilmaz.

Celik snatches victory for Lille!

This action could have given ideas to Lille. But despite the start of songs from their fans, the Dogues still could not put their game in the second period. On the contrary, it was Strasbourg who got the best chances, especially with Gameiro who touched the post with his recovery from the back, and who solicited Jardim, author of a good reflex stoppage.

After a save from Gudmundsson on his line to prevent Nyamsi from opening the scoring, we felt the game was turning in favor of the Alsatians. But it is ultimately Celik (1-0, 87th) who will snatch victory for Lille! Thanks to this victory, LOSC kept a slim hope for Europe and ended the streak of 11 games without defeat for Racing.

Match score: 4/10

Between a LOSC team condemned to win to hope, and Strasbourgeois forced to follow the rhythm of the candidates for the podium, we expected a better show. There weren’t many clear chances because of an insufficient technical level.

The goal :

– Shifted by Renato Sanches on the left side, Weah comes back on his right foot to put a ball in the box. His cross, extended by Nyamsi at the far post, arrives in the race of Celik whose cross recovery deceives Sels (1-0, 87th).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Lo Jardim (7.5/10)

Often dominated in this meeting, Lille can also thank its goalkeeper for this victory. The Brazilian was clearly decisive on attempts by Gameiro and Thomasson. You also have to admit that he was lucky when he pulled Ajorque’s head out of his head. Not to mention the post that pushed back Gameiro’s back recovery.


Lo Jardim (7.5): see comments above.

Mehmet elik (7): we had to wait until the end of the match to see him bring danger. Before his goal in the 87th minute, the attacks from the right side were ineffective. He was more efficient in the defensive aspect, the image of his intervention in extremis in front of Gameiro.

Jos Fonte (4): it happens that the Portuguese is able to compensate for his slowness with good anticipation. But this time he couldn’t read Gameiro’s calls and didn’t get the better of Ajorque.

Sven Botman (7): opposed to a serious client with Ajorque, the central defender responded well. Ditto with the movements of Gameiro which he managed with the necessary aggressiveness. He could nevertheless have done without the nasty foul on Bellegarde which earned him a yellow card.

Gabriel Gudmundsson (5): several times, the left side tried to make the difference in speed on his side. But he came up against strong opponents like Nyamsi. Even if Thomasson’s calls behind his back caused him a problem, we will especially remember his rescue on his line after the head of the Alsatian defender.

Edon Zhegrova (3): well taken by Caci and Djiku, the Kosovar winger made no difference this Sunday. It must be said that his tendency to transplant towards the axis on his left foot becomes too systematic. Replace the 64th by Angel Gomes (no not)which did not bring more danger.

Benjamin André (6.5): still as involved, the defensive midfielder intervened in many hot situations. He also stifled attacks through experience thanks to mistakes that are sometimes said to be intelligent. On the other hand, he lacked precision with his header on a good free kick from Sanches. Replace the 73rd by Amadou Onana (no not).

Renato Sanches (3.5): for a player of his level, such technical waste in his passes is quite incomprehensible. His small contribution to Celik’s goal barely saves his performance.

Timothy Weah (7.5): without the American international, the Strasbourg defense would have been really bored… He was the only one capable of making a difference with the ball at his feet by accelerating. Admittedly, he did not succeed in everything, but he had the merit of trying. It is no coincidence that his cross brings Celik’s goal.

Jonathan David (3): still unrecognizable, the LOSC striker has once again made a very disappointing copy. He often dropped out to participate in the game, with a lot of imprecision in his passes. This obviously did not please the public, who did not hesitate to whistle it.

Burak Yilmaz (4): unlike his teammate David, the Turkish center forward, he gets situations thanks to his movements. But his bad choices spoil his initiatives. He was also heckled by the supporters who chambered him after a strike from above.


Matz Sels (5): frustrating match for the Strasbourg goalkeeper, beaten at the very end of the match when he had been asked very little. He did not have to force to neutralize the attempts of Yilmaz and Gudmundsson.

Lucas Perrin (6): despite Weah’s percussion and deep calls, the defender on loan from OM remained rather calm. Maybe even a little too much when he gets the ball stolen by David. Replace the 89th by Mose Sahi (no not).

Gerzino Nyamsi (6.5): solid and authoritative in his interventions, the central defender could have given the victory to his team if Gudmundsson had not saved his head on the line. Bad luck for the ex-Rennes who can only extend the cross before Celik takes over.

Alexander Djiku (4): little asked, the captain of the day made a decent match, helping Caci block Zhegrova well. But his nudges on Andr could have cost him dearly. Just like his unreported foul on Weah which was worth a second yellow card. Replace the 83rd by Maxime Le Marchand (not not).

Frederic Guilbert (5.5): omnipresent on his lane in the first period, the right piston has multiplied the dangerous centers. The Strasbourgers must surely regret not having materialized one of his good balloons. Especially since the side gradually disappeared after the break.

Adrien Thomasson (6.5): very fit for his return from injury, the midfielder took advantage of his volume of play to disrupt the Lille defense. His incessant calls put him in a good position to serve Ajorque. But he lacked efficiency on his two occasions, either through excessive altruism or with a recovery that was too central.

Jeanricner Bellegarde (6): not always inspired with the ball, the midfielder has largely compensated with a huge recovery activity. Lille had a lot of waste in the midfield, but it’s also because of his defensive work.

Sanjin Prcic (7): in a less athletic style compared to his teammates, the midfielder installed in front of the defense was valuable in the distribution of the game. His ability to quickly direct the game without unnecessary touch of the ball brought fluidity to the Alsatian game. Replace the 70th by Ibrahima Sissoko (not not).

Anthony Caci (6): while he could expect a difficult match against Zhegrova, the left piston easily contained the northern winger. He also offered a few sharp climbs in the second period, like his cross before the opportunity for Thomasson.

Ludovic Ajorque (5.5): with Botman on his back, the solid center-forward found an opponent his size. He therefore did not have the usual influence in his game in remission. He is still the author of a good discount for Gameiro, and a header saved by goalkeeper Jardim from the header.

Kevin Gameiro (6): his attempt was far from academic. Nevertheless, the attacker touched the post with his recovery from the back! Apart from this gesture, he misses a good opportunity with a strike that is not sufficiently crossed when he was ideally placed. Too bad, a goal would have rewarded his good movements which allowed his teammates to find him easily on the sides. Replaced the 70th by Habib Diallo (not not).

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LILLE 1-0 STRASBOURG (mid-time: 0-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 34th day
Stadium: Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille – Referee: Jeremie Pignard, France

Goals : Mr. elik (87th) for LILLE
Warnings : G. Gudmundsson (36th), S. Botman (60th)for LILLE – L. Perrin (40th), F. Guilbert (70th), A. Djiku (71st)for STRASBOURG

LILLE : Lo JardimJose Fonte, S. BotmanMr. elik, G. GudmundssonE. Zhegrova (A. Gomes, 64th), B.Andr (A.Onana, 73rd), Renato Sanches, T.WeahJ.David, B.Yilmaz

STRASBOURG : Mr. SaltsL. Perrin (Moise Dion, 89th), G. Nyamsi, A. Djiku (M. Le Marchand, 83rd)F.Guilbert, A.CaciA. Thomasson, S. Prcic (I. Sissoko, 70th), J.BellegardeL.Ajorque, K. Gameiro (H. Diallo, 70th)

Renato Sanches had to

One of the banners seen at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy

Celik offers victory to LOSC (1-0, 87th)


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