Match: PSG / Lens (1-1), individual performances

PSG could not do better than 1-1 on their lawn against Lens after having opened the scoring and with one more player for the last half hour. Feedback on the performance of Parisians on a case-by-case basis.

Ships: The Costa Rican went on in goal and he didn’t have any particularly complicated saves to make. Lens has not framed his attempts and those that were hit him straight on, with the exception of the equalizing goal that it is very difficult to blame him for.

Marquinhos: This right stopper position definitely suits him very well and he benefits greatly from the freedoms it offers him. He doesn’t hesitate to come out of his defense to reach opponents high or to bring his lane offensively when he feels his team needs it. In both cases he brought a plus and even did some good things in the last 30 meters. On the other hand, it ends in a much less successful way, first with a warning for a largely avoidable challenge and then by being late on the action of the equalizer.

Ramos: For the first time, he had two very close matches and delivered a less successful game overall than a few days earlier. On crosses, he was again impeccable and was once again very close to scoring, this time with his foot on a well-felt climb. But he was less inspired in the restart than in previous matches, hampered by the opposing organization, and if he imposed his physique on Kalimuendo on a regular basis, he also had difficulty following the stalls of the opposing attackers. or their rapid movements in the surface. He is thus behind Machado when the latter crosses for the equalizer.

Kimpembe: Left stopper, he was on the whole little used by a Lensoise team which had not placed any player in his zone when attacking. The left-hander was attentive to the opponent’s vertical passes and he was regularly present to recover or counter balls that were lying around. With the ball, he struggled to find solutions in front of him but used his right foot well to escape the Lensois pressing.

Hakimi: The Moroccan side has on the whole won his duel against Frankowski who was his direct opponent since he put him in more difficulty than he himself was, but his match is not a huge one either. success. He certainly almost scored after a good run and occupied his flank well, but the Moroccan was sorely lacking in support to combine and be really dangerous, only Mbappé going to play with him in a somewhat effective way. We should also note several excellent high pressings which have regularly resulted in real goalscoring situations for PSG.

Di Maria replaced him and moved into that right piston role he had already held against Saint-Étienne. From the right wing, he tried to make his left foot speak, without success.

Nuno Mendes: Opposed to the restless Clauss, the Portuguese had a hard time animating his lane as he usually does and it was not until we saw Lens at ten that he went up on his side and tried to make a difference. Before that, he had mainly had to defend and had not done it really well, like the occasion of Clauss where he is late. He is even downright absent on the equalizer and lets Jean equalize while being totally alone.

Gueye: The Senegalese midfielder was in Fofana’s area and it goes without saying that he suffered from the comparison with the Lensois captain who trampled him in the duels almost all evening. Gueye was active and tried to get busy defensively but overall he weighed little. With the ball, his superfluous ball touches slowed the game but he was also the author of a superb opening for Hakimi as well as a beautiful shot well captured by Leca.

danilo replaced him for the end of the match, running to try to plug the gaps on the counterattacks without really succeeding.

Veratti: For his return to the starting lineup, the ball quickly lost by the Italian in front of the area showed that he was not having a great day and that was confirmed. Much less precise than usual in his passes with more stray balls than his standards, he took almost an hour to finally manage to get out of the opposing pressure and influence the game of his team. He then had a good period, with in particular an almost decisive pass on Mbappé following a free kick played with malice, but it was clearly not his evening, with in addition a warning not really deserved in passing.

Messi: A false winger but more of a playmaker most of the time, he was stuck in the high density of opposing players for a long time and only appeared in sequences. He gradually managed to stand out, via a few dribbles or passes of which he has the secret, but frankly had trouble influencing the game before deciding to change the fate of an absolutely magnificent goal. At the end of the game, he still delivered a masterful pass for Neymar but that was not enough to win. But his goal at least saves his game.

Neymar: Also quite axial, the Brazilian delivered a somewhat disjointed game, where the good mixes with the bad without continuity or logic. In a meeting during which he will have lost a good number of balls, he nevertheless gave two goal balls to Mbappé who missed each time and it was still him who served Messi on the goal of a nice pass. It was also he who caused Danso’s two warnings, but his record was also spoiled by numerous shots that gave absolutely nothing except cartridges to the opponent. The statistical balance is not so bad, the visual impression much more confused.

Mbappe: Positioned at the forefront, he quickly began to clinch to touch the ball and he was regularly devastating when he managed to face the game and accelerate, making huge differences. It was also by being launched by Messi that he was very close to being a decisive passer for Ramos on a nice action. But Mbappé’s match is nevertheless quite a failure overall, with no less than four big missed chances, including a huge one at the end of the game which could have offered victory. In the game, he wasn’t very inspired either, so he wasn’t decisive in the league for the first time in over a month.

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