Mentality, referees and record: José Mourinho, already “Special” in Rome

It was not necessary to arrive late, Thursday, to reserve its place for Roma-Leicester. Scheduled for Thursday May 5 at 9 p.m., the Europa League Conference semi-final return sent the Italian club’s site into another dimension. “We had never seen that. In total, almost 120.00 people tried to buy a placeentrusts us with the ticketing service of the club. It was madness, it was all gone in minutes” On social networks, hundreds of tifosi have published a photo of their waiting time, which has sometimes risen to an hour or even two, with more than 100,000 people in front of them. What symbolizes the enthusiasm found in the part giallorossa of the eternal city for a few weeks.After a first half of the season sawtooth, the team of José Mourinho performs for several weeks.

Undefeated for 12 days in Serie A (7 wins and 5 draws), Roma notably took their revenge in the return derby against Lazio on March 20 with a scathing 3-0. Carried by a great Tammy Abraham, it also stopped the bleeding in the “big” matches. Atalanta was beaten at the beginning of March at the Olimpico, and a good point was brought back from Naples (1-1) on Monday evening. This Saturday (6 p.m.), place for another gala poster against Inter Milan on the side of Giuseppe Meazza. A necessarily special trip for José Mourinho, great artificer of the “triplete” of 2010 with the Nerazzurri and who had received a welcome with great fanfare on February 8 during the lost quarter-final of the Italian Cup (2-0). Before the meeting, and for the third consecutive time, the Portuguese technician also canceled his pre-match conference.

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Sometimes I was ashamed to be there

If no justification accompanied this choice, several sources evoke an angry “Mou” despite the return to form of his family. Why ? Arbitration decisions that would penalize his team, according to him. Latest episode, Monday, in Naples. “There are teams that fight for the Scudetto, we don’t, but we always have the right to play and try to win matches. Today it looked like we weren’t allowed to play to win this game, he lamented after the meeting. Sometimes I felt ashamed to be there. I ask for a little respect.”

Words that would not have been really appreciated by the federal prosecutor’s office of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), who could decide to summon Mourinho to ask him for an explanation and possibly suspend him. But the former Chelsea coach, eternal and skilful communicator, knows he is supported by his team, his leaders and, above all, his tifosi. As in the good old days, he managed to spread this feeling of “one against all” within his club, thus maintaining the mobilization of all. Today, everyone, including the Roman media, is pedaling in the same direction. A real feat in Rome.

Laugh, laugh and always laugh”, even headlined the daily “Il Romanista” on Wednesday, displaying in “A” the sly smile of Mourinho Monday at the time of certain arbitration decisions. “It is the expression of someone who knows that he must not only fight against the opponent of a match, but also against the referees who have had Roma in their sights since the start of the season.“, could we read in full page. According to Il Messaggero, its leaders even prepared behind the scenes a file of ten meetings where several refereeing errors would have cost precious points in the race for the Champions League. Despite everything, the Giallorossi, relegated to five points from Juve (4th), still believe in a possible “rimonta”.

Mourinho transmitted his mentality…

On the pitch, Mourinho continues his work. Beyond the tactical or individual choices, the Special One seems to slowly lead to one of its main missions: to give a new mentality to a team too often weighed down by events. How can we forget, for example, this incredible defeat against Juve (3-4) at home in early January, when Roma were leading 3-1 … in the 70th minute. Before conceding three goals in seven minutes. “There is a lack of personality in this team, of managing emotions. My players have to get closer to my mentality. It’s not for me to go to theirs, no“, he had dropped in stride. Bingo. Although limited on certain points, his team gained in character.

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With Stephan El Shaarawy’s goal scored in added time on Monday, Roma now have seven goals from the 90th minute this season. Nobody does it better. And if we include this statistic in the last quarter of an hour, it goes to 15 goals. “Mourinho gave a new soul to this teamvalued Il Romanista. She embodies more and more the fighting spirit of her trainer who overcomes all the adversities that face him. Here in Rome, we never give up.”

We are working a lot on this aspect.confirmed captain Lorenzo Pellegrini in December to “The Players Tribune”. We want to acquire a winning mentality. The coach always tells us that this must be one of our main qualities. It won’t happen overnight, but I’m sure we’re on the right track. Serenity and a sense of responsibility are the two major ingredients for our journey. And I know that I have an important role to play in all of this.”

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… and dreams of a new record

In this process, a possible victory in the Europa League Conference could be a first step. For Roma, a team that historically has not really collected trophies, winning on the European scene would be a great first since the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1961. And would be a real trigger for many players. For his part, Mourinho would take the opportunity to expand his record a little more, paradoxically greater than that of his club. He could even become the first coach to win the Champions League, the Europa League and the Europa League Conference, a new UEFA competition since this season.

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