NBA – The Boston Celtics eliminate the Brooklyn Nets (4-0), the Toronto Raptors are still alive against the Sixers

Nets-Celtics: 112-116

Boston wins the series 4-0

The calyx to the lees. Dominators since the start of the series, from the first game won in extremis at the buzzer until the fourth Monday evening, the Celtics eliminated the Nets in four dry innings by winning again, in Brooklyn (112-116). The ultimate humiliation inflicted on Kevin Durant and his partners, decidedly unworthy of their status – ultimately erroneous – as candidates for the title.

Jayson Tatum (29 points) and his partners have never flinched before the New York team, certainly not the usual number seven seed on paper with two future Hall Of Famers in its ranks. Rather, the Celtics assumed their status after finishing second in the East. And they played their basketball, offensively and defensively, game after game.

There were no exceptions in Game 4 on Monday. Durant woke up going for 39 points. But even there, he needed 31 attempts (13 baskets). With an ugly 3 of 11 behind the arc. His performance was not enough. Boston won the first three quarters by even increasing the gap to 15 points (90-75) under the impetus of 12 points scored by Tatum after returning from the locker room. The Nets still managed to pick up a short time later, taking advantage in particular of the foul problems of the opposing superstar.

Kyrie Irving (20 points) and KD brought their team to a length (109-108) in the final moments of the game. Except that as often during this series, the players of Steve Nash were not able to produce the defensive stop necessary to pass in front or kill the game. Jaylen Brown scored near the circle and Durant missed one of two pitches on the next possession. Al Horford got his men to safety before Marcus Smart concluded the match on the restorative line.

Kevin Durant vs Jayson Tatum, on the Nets logo – 04/25/2022

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The Nets will have to ask themselves serious questions following this resounding failure. They certainly have the talent to go for a title. But that’s about all. It’s already a lot, of course, except that they fish on everything else. This slap may serve as a lesson to them. As for the Celtics, they can now prepare for what’s next. They will face the winner of the series between the defending champion Bucks and the Bulls. Milwaukee leads 3-1.

Sixers-Raptors: 88-103

Philadelphia leads the series 3-2

Attention. Be careful not to shake. Because this series which seemed completely in the pocket of the Sixers has just taken a turn with the victory of the Raptors in the night from Monday to Tuesday, French time (88-103). The Canadian formation came back to 3-2 before a Game 6 in front of their home crowd, in Toronto, where the atmosphere already promises to be insane.

Pascal Siakam (23 points, 10 rebounds) and company managed the feat of winning in Philadelphia. With more manner. They stifled Joel Embiid (20 points, 11 rebounds) and his teammates, limited to 38% shooting success and 27% three-pointers. Only 88 points scored for the men of Doc Rivers, increasingly undermined by the long and athletic defenders of the Raptors.

Embiid is hampered by a thumb injury but his teammates are struggling to take over. James Harden was again very discreet. Only 15 points at 4 of 11 on shots with 7 assists and 5 lost balls. A line of statistics unworthy of its status. Hero of the first matches, Tyrese Maxey also suffered (12 points to 5 out of 14).

Opposite, their opponents show much more desire and fighting spirit. Kind of like Scottie Barnes. The rookie (of the year) set the tone by scoring 8 points in the second quarter to put his team in control at the break (41-54). OG Anunoby and Gary Trent Jr each had 16 points. Dominated without showing intensity, the Sixers were booed by their own supporters. And now this team is once again disappearing under the pressure. Except she can’t blame Ben Simmons anymore.

The Sixers are going to have to pull themselves together in the next game, showing determination and a lot more seriousness. Because in case of another defeat, the pressure would be absolutely enormous during a Game 7 in Pennsylvania.

Joel Embiid

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Mavericks-Jazz: 102-77

Dallas leads the series 3-2

The Mavericks gave the Jazz no favors after letting the last game slip away. This time around, they showed no mercy as they unrolled their basketball while slowing down their opponents’ all-too-predictable offensive play. Result, a big victory, 102 to 77 at home on Monday. With a spectacular performance from Luka Doncic, author of 33 points and 13 rebounds.

Dominating Dallas built its lead quarter after quarter by holding Utah under 20 points in each of the first three periods. Rudy Gobert struggled in the keyhole to compile 17 points and 11 rebounds in 27 minutes but he is the only starter to finish above 10 points for Salt Lake City. Donovan Mitchell, for example, finished with 9 points to 4 out of 15 before going out on injury. Bojan Bogdanovic went 0 of 9 shooting. The Jazz will play their skin at home in the next game but the series seems really badly embarked.

Luka Doncic and the Mavs are just one game away from round 2

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