All These Celebrities Pushing Crypto Aren’t So Vocal Now

All These Celebrities Pushing Crypto Aren't So Vocal Now

In virtual currency exchange’s latest ad, titled “Bravery Is a Process,” star basketball player Joel Embiid walks through Philadelphia while Bill Self, his former college coach, lends the narration. “Even when our path didn’t make sense to everyone, we kept going,” Mr. Self says in the ad, which debuted May 6. “We keep going, … Read more

Protecting Our Nation’s Food Supply

Protecting Our Nation's Food Supply

The vulnerability of our country’s food supply chain afflicts every community across America. Our producers and consumers are struggling to cope with rising costs and supply chain delays. As a farmer, I understand firsthand the challenges facing rural communities and producers in our region. From supply chain disruptions affecting our ability to purchase fertilizers to … Read more

Why the military wants to hear about more UFO sightings

'I do not have an explanation': Pentagon official shows video of unidentified object

The Air Force sent an astrophysicist, J. Allen Hynek of Northwestern University, Michigan to investigate. Today, the military is very careful not to appear flippant about UFOs. In fact, the number of UFO sightings recorded by the U.S. government near government property is on the rise, a U.S. Navy intelligence official told lawmakers Tuesday at … Read more

Rockwood Market Hall, New Cart Modules Add Dozens of Food Businesses to East Multnomah County

Rockwood Market Hall, New Cart Modules Add Dozens of Food Businesses to East Multnomah County

Just because they put a fork in there doesn’t mean they’re done. Three months after a crane descended on Fairview Food Plaza, installing a world record-breaking pitchfork sculpture on Northeast Halsey Street, neighboring Troutdale has added its own massive food cart at Troutdale Station, while Gresham has hosted the first modern dining room in the … Read more

Mid-budget films as we know them are on the decline. What does this mean for cinema?

Mid-budget movies as we knew them are in decline.  What does that mean for cinema?

There are many different definitions of what exactly a “mid-budget” film is. Generally, it’s a movie that falls somewhere between an arthouse indie and a big-budget thriller, something like a “Home Alone” or a “Shawshank Redemption.” Some say they cost between $5 and $75 million, others would say between $15 and $60 million. Many are … Read more

MotoGP 2023, Aleix Espargaró is annoyed: “if Aprilia lets go of a rider who does what I do, it would be the biggest idiocy in the history of the World Championship”

Aleix Espargaró

The life of Aleix Espargaró in this MotoGP season and in his Aprilia box has two faces. There is the sporting side where both the brand and the driver agree wonderfully to confirm with each Grand Prix that passes that they are in the running for what would be a resounding world crown. They write … Read more

One Bid for Illinois Statehouse Renovation Project | Government and politics

One Bid for Illinois Statehouse Renovation Project |  Government and politics

PETER HANCOCK Capitol News Illinois SPRINGFIELD — The cost of renovating the North Wing of the Illinois Statehouse will be higher than originally anticipated by officials. Only one bid has been submitted for the project, which is about to start. CORE Construction Services of Illinois Inc. priced the job at $243.5 million, well above the … Read more

Star Wars: 10 Most Unexpected Celebrity Cameos

Star Wars: 10 Most Unexpected Celebrity Cameos

What started as a low-budget passion project by George Lucas has turned into a worldwide phenomenon and star wars has brought many celebrities into the mix. Since the release of the original trilogy, so many celebrities have aspired to join the galaxy far, far away. Once the sequel trilogy arrived, many of the filmmakers involved … Read more