PSG champion of France: The title of the splits, the coronation of the grand bazaar

The stars leave dust. Stars make you nostalgic. This PSG is no exception to the rule. The Parisian constellation, which we hoped to be sparkling, has only rarely illuminated L1 with its light. This Saturday, it is a historic title that the Parisians went to win, a tenth, to equal ASSE in the L1 galaxy. This star, however, looks like a dead star. Because, in Paris, from this season, only dust and bitter feelings will remain. And this impression that, even here, it was better before.

This tenth title undoubtedly best embodies the Parisian project, initiated by QSI eleven years ago. In the summer, “dreaming bigger” would not have been enough to sum up a historic transfer window in many respects. A Ballon d’Or in Ligue 1, one of the best defenders in history in his boxes, the successor of Gianluigi Buffon in Italy, one of the world’s fashionable full-backs and a Dutch international supposed to share the secret recipe by Jürgen Klopp: Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Achraf Hakimi and Georginio Wijnaldum have completed an impressive squad on paper. Have they significantly improved it?

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The drama of this PSG is in this question: it can only be answered through the prism of the Champions League, an event around which the whole season is judged. At the risk of displeasing Marquinhos, what the Parisians did before February 16 and after March 9 doesn’t really matter anymore. The umpteenth European disaster outweighs all the rest, so much the Qatari project is polarized around this spring which slips away, year after year.

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The failure of the MNM

The title acquired this Saturday is that of the splits. We were promised a team worthy of FIFA, Playstation goals and a Parc des Princes spoiled all year round by the arabesques of its artists. We spent the first half of the season waiting. The second to despair. The Parisian playing fund was one of the most boring in recent years and, in a Ligue 1 that was finally exciting from this point of view, PSG will never have set a good example.

The most ultimate symbol will undoubtedly remain this MNM which was to become the best trio in history, erasing the Barcelona MSN from the shelves. But Barça’s Neymar and a fortiori Barça’s Messi have nothing to do with those who dragged out their sentence on the lawn of the Parc des Princes this season. At the time of their splendour, Luis, Leo and Ney exceeded 100 goals scored between them in March. At the end of April 2022, Kylian, Leo and Ney have not yet reached the 60 mark, more than half of which belong to Mbappé alone.

Of the trio, we will retain only one man. This title so hopeless in content is nuanced by the only one to have brought electricity to amorphous animation and players in a dizzying fall of confidence. We do not yet know if Mbappé played his last season under the Parisian tunic but his personal, omnipotent light will have allowed PSG to find the way to the coronation. He will be able to leave with the feeling of a job well done. But also with a slight feeling of waste: what would this attractive trio have done if they had known how to rise to the level of French genius?

Pochettino, victim and culprit

No one will ever know. Not even the supposed man – the word is important here – to direct the operations. In the case, Mauricio Pochettino will not have done much to fix things. No doubt a victim, like others before him, of choices that he had not completely validated, trapped in this prestigious workforce that you have to know how to manage without rushing it too much, the Argentinian will never have seemed able to influence the fate of his team. Never the Pochettino paw, so attractive at Tottenham, will have taken at PSG. Here too, the big gap is huge.

To make matters worse, his communication will be disoriented. Bland answers at a press conference, a Coué method when admitting difficulties, a blissful optimism, no doubt dictated by events and this unpleasant feeling that we will never have known how to understand or pinpoint it. “It would take us hours to talk about tactics“, was surely one of the most heard phrases in the heart of winter when hearing his way of seeing things at PSG. We would have liked to have a few minutes, despite everything. Especially coming from him.
Having to spare the goat and the cabbage, Pochettino got lost. His choice of alternating goalkeepers, which he says he no longer wants to reproduce next season if he remains in office, turned against him – and his sports management – ​​at the most symbolic moment. Navas unhappy and Donnarumma losing confidence: no one comes out a winner in such a case. His management of young people, and the preferential treatment reserved for internationals who have nothing more to give to the club, has ended up widening the gap with the supporters.

“There is a real risk that Navas and Donnarumma will still be there next season”

A Park that boycotts and a management that deserts

Because, by dint of suffering, they decided to react. This Saturday, for a historic title for the club and French football, the Collectif Ultra Paris has decided to celebrate in front of the stadium and not inside. The break between the Parisian Ultras and management is real and touches on what PSG must find: identity. Imagining that Paris could be crowned without the president being there to see it also says something about the weight given to this trophy.

So, this summer again, you know the refrain. Paris is going to make its revolution. To the big gap is therefore added a big bazaar. A new coach, no doubt. A new sports director, possible (and desirable in view of the balance sheet drawn up here). A new president? As often, it is in the opacity of Doha that everything will be decided. It seems that the Qatari sky is exceptionally beautiful. But by dint of observing the stars, we end up being blinded.

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