Tyson Fury keeps his belt after a phenomenal knockout over Whyte and confirms his retirement

Fury promoter talks champion’s retirement

Frank Warren, Tyson Fury promoter: “If it’s his last fight, it’s his choice. If he makes it on this fight, it’s just fantastic, an incredible performance. It’s the best of his generation .”

Fury confirms retirement

Tyson Fury: “I thank my wife Paris, 14 years that we are together. I had the public to fight at Wembley, I did it. And it’s over.”

Fury dedicates victory to England

Tyson Fury: ‘I first want to dedicate this victory to Jesus and ALL MY ENGLAND’.

He thanks the 94,000 spectators and television viewers. He also talks about Whyte as a “champion” who has “the heart of a lion” but who “faced the best in the world”.

The belt stays with Fury

He will talk: we will know if he really hangs up the gloves or not


whyte can’t touch

All of Fury’s art of dodging, which is in addition to absolute patience. Whyte’s hook? Pff nothing at all, it goes air-hook and Fury takes his opponent to the ropes

Fury Advantage

This round may mark a turning point: we clearly saw a great acceleration from Fury and the gap is starting to widen. With in particular a blow to the liver and a left-right sequence that hurt

Fury ramps up

Always speaking of course. But that’s it, the blows are accelerating and Whyte does not seem able to reply

Start of the 5th round

We still have the right to a small warning from the referee, who asks for “a clean fight”

Tyson Fury facing Dillian Whyte, April 23, 2022 © RMC Sport

Fury’s raised point

Yes yes already. Well he is less flamboyant than against Wilder but the defending champion touches and hurts his opponent

The referee gets annoyed

He struggles to separate the two men in the corner – where it’s very strong by the way – and he places a second warning to the two men

whyte in trouble

The challenger seems to be in pain and struggling to catch his breath

Fury starts talking

A great classic with him. He places a left-right which hurts a little and he speaks. We don’t really know if it’s Whyte or the referee but he’s talking

4th round

We get closer and we almost go hand-to-hand. Whyte knows it: he must get closer to try to touch Fury and his extension of mad man

Fury getting more and more comfortable

And it’s starting to touch Fury’s side a bit, who’s taken his glare and activated his footwork

Beginning of the 3rd round

And we go back to the same strategy: Whyte comes to get Fury trying to take him to the ropes

We already have the strategy

Whyte wants to light up the fight and Fury masters it, with his unrivaled boxing IQ

Attack of Whyte

So far it’s not really going and Fury is trying to regain some distance but he’s the most offensive challenger so far

Round 1: we settle down quietly

120kg for Fury, 114 for Whyte. Fury is taller and has more reach

Fury attempts a right

First right posed by Fury who is not far from passing. The champion is patient and Whyte tries in vain to respond to the liver

We lay the foundations

Come on, let’s put the fight with a little distance. Fury white shorts, Whyte black shorts. It is the challenger who first tries to enter his opponent

Let’s go !!!!!

Beginning of the first round and we have chills!

We start with the anthem

God save the Queen sung by all Wembley

Totally crazy atmosphere!

Wembley is on fire, Tyson Fury has his throne and is settling in, it’s madness at Wembley!

Tyson Fury on his throne at Wembley
Tyson Fury on his throne at Wembley © RMC Sport

And now…Tyson Fury!

After the broadcast of a music video, the Gypsy King enters the arena! Only a few more minutes of waiting before the start of the fight.

The arrival of Dillian Whyte!

The challenger quietly enters the lair of Wembley with AC/DC in ambient sound. The evening is on!

The entry of the two boxers in a few minutes

Dillian Whyte is waiting, under a few whistles from the 96,000 spectators at Wembley.

Victory for Essuman

After taking the lead in the second part of the fight, Essuman won against Tetley at welterweight after being at the end of 12 rounds, by unanimous decision of the judges. He keeps his belt despite some difficulties.

The clash between Fury and Whyte is fast approaching!

And the atmosphere rises in a sold-out Wembley. We are in the 12th round of the Essuman-Tetley fight. The duel between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte will be played just after.

Place for the second fight of the evening

At welterweight, Ekow Essuman is opposed to Darren Tetley.

Victory for Nick Ball!

Author of many blows on Isaac Lowe’s arcade, Nick Ball wins the first fight of the evening. Very aggressive from the start of the fight, Ball controlled the fight to afford a WBC silver belt in the 6th round after Lowe’s retirement.

The first fight of the evening is about to begin!

As Wembley fills up little by little, the first fight between Isaac Lowe (1m70, 21 wins) and Nick Ball (1m57, 14 wins) will begin at featherweight. Note that Lowe entered accompanied by Tyson Fury, his room partner.

The assessment of the two boxers before their entry into the ring

Tyson Fury (33) has 31 wins, including 22 by knockout, and one draw. His rival Dillian Whyte (34 years old) is currently on 28 victories including 19 by KO for 2 defeats.

Relive the last outing of the Gipsy King

It was against Deontay Wilder and it was fabulous

Follow the preliminary map

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The big boxing evening from 8:30 p.m. on RMC Sport

Get ready for a huge boxing night on RMC Sport this Saturday. From 8:30 p.m., we take you to Wembley, which will host the last fight of the immense Tyson Fury’s career. 94,000 spectators to see the Brit face his compatriot Dillian Whyte.

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